27.11. 2023 | 18h | 6PM CET | TREE OPERA with Roberta Fišere

The lecture will introduce the process behind the venue design and scenography for the Tree Opera, which took place in Mustarinda, Finland in 2019. Tree Opera is a collaborative event between musicians, artists and architects, which encourages reflection on the relationship between humans and the forest. The venue was located in the north of Finland, an area known for some of the oldest natural forests in Europe. The main consideration was to design a forest amphitheatre without damaging the natural habitat. The event venue was designed as a biodegradable structure, which will decay and become a forest in several years. As one of the architects from Mailitis Architects who worked on the project as one of the lead designers and scenographer, Roberta Fišere will walk you through the process of creating sustainable, bio-degradable platforms which serve multiple purposes; as a backdrop and stage for the 2 day opera event, as well as a nature trail connecting existing structures in the forest. In Tree Opera multiple art forms and incentives merge; architecture, music, nature preservation and sustainability.

WEBSITE: https://mailitis.lv/

Join us via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82879415277?pwd=eGNadDFaem11aWZ2MWlzTWVPR2V6dz09&fbclid=IwAR0jub2xHOX3Nzab6V_QjnRUk_hMt1FQm5dqeIaGApGJ7loz7MGG0_9gC5E#success