Mentors Meeting 04.12. 2023

We met and quite some could not attend. All for good reasons. We then spread ot into break out sessions and worked on the three disciplines: Story, Music and Visuals. After 45 min we presented the insights, outcomes and thoughts to each other.In the story group we looked at three approaches: yours Staša (the draft […]

5th online lecture – TREE OPERA with Roberta Fišere

 27.11. 2023 | 18h | 6PM CET | TREE OPERA with Roberta Fišere The lecture will introduce the process behind the venue design and scenography for the Tree Opera, which took place in Mustarinda, Finland in 2019. Tree Opera is a collaborative event between musicians, artists and architects, which encourages reflection on the relationship between […]

Croatian Study Visit, 27. – 29.10. 2023

Vojnić, Petrova Gora The first day of the Croatian study visit started with the artists, mentors and organizers meeting at the quaint Ekodrom Estate, where the host Marko Rukavina made everyone feel welcome with home-made snacks and refreshments. The introductory presentation of the work and methodology of LAB852 was hosted by Marija Kamber, project coordinator […]


Musicville is a project between Slovenia, Croatia and Austria running from 2023 until end of 2024  that aims to transform the classical European musical form of Opera into a new, innovative, and creative collaboration inspired by environmental awareness, nature, local crafts, and traditions. At the heart of the project are sustainable, participatory and interdisciplinary artistic practices with the aim  of activating different communities and audiences.


How can resources and knowledge from the field of art and sustainability be combined? How can  contemporary cultural production be presented in rural areas? How can artists be helped to create  new business opportunities while protecting the environment?

It provides a framework for connecting an international group of artists of different disciplines  (music, theatre, architecture, visual arts, design, performance…) to work together with the local  expert communities (agriculture, arts & crafts), environmental professionals, and cultural, and  scientific experts.

The idea behind the project is to improve the resilience and well-being of artists by learning new skills in a practical and peerto-peer approach, enabling artists to collaborate with young and experienced  professionals from a variety of artistic and non-artistic backgrounds to create new and unexpected  venues for contemporary music production and presentation.


Green European Opera is the final presentation of the collaboration between artists/participants and  mentors, and the merging of all events during the project. The opera is presented through a series of  three audio/visual performances in a smaller rural places of the partner countries (Austria, Slovenia,  Croatia) which are formed into an opera in three acts and bring together artists from different isciplines  and cultural backgrounds. One of the important goals is to contribute to the development of tourism  and refreshment of the economic and social life of rural areas.

This project is commissioned by the European Union.


More then 40 international artists applied and the jury had a really hard job selecting a group of 15 to be part of the story. The selected artists are:


  • Ana Pečar – visual artist, video, installations
  • Alja Petric – vocal, atmospheric soundscapes (gongs, bowls..)
  • Sara Korošec – vocal, soundscapes, electronic music
  • Staša Prah – story, dramaturgy
  • Bharath Ranganathan – traditional Indian instruments, musicology




  • Camilo Andres Latorre Contreras – composer, writer
  • Aaron Koop – graphic designer, restaurateur, set design
  • Gregor Piskernik – visionary dancer, performance maker
  • Zsuzsanna Szula – visual artist


  • Anja Makdić Japundžić – theatre director
  • Josipa Slaviček – architecture
  • Marta Dolenčić – set design, printmaking, puppets
  • Rajnard Hraščanec – opera singer, musician
  • Manuela Pauk – sculpturer



September & October 2023 Selected participants will participate in the 3-day study visits to three  countries (Slovenia, Austria, Croatia). The study visits will thematically follow the concept of the  project, focusing on land art, site-specific installations, research approaches and interdisciplinarity.  Their main objective is to determine the sites of artistic research and final performances.


November 2023 – June 2024 Considering the international aspect of the project, participants will work together with  their mentors in a series of online lectures, workshops and meetings, in order to develop the concept  for the final production.


August, September, October 2024 Musicville’s residency program brings participants and their  mentors together in three rural locations in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. Lasting up to 10 days per  location depending on the specific tasks, they serve as an exchange of ideas, experiences and artistic  expressions of the participants, merging them into a coherent whole. The residency program  culminates in the final performance of one act of the opera in each country.



The Museum of Madness in Trate

Life in Cmurek Castle, which lies on the banks of Mura River, on the border between Austria and Slovenia, has been ongoing since the 12th century. Between 1949 and 2004 it has been an asylum for mentally ill and since 2013, the castle has turned into the Museum of Madness, a civil society organization, which preserves historical layers and testimonies from the institution’s time.


Mura-Drava-Danube und Vulkanland

The part of South-Eastern Styria between “Pavlova hiša” and “Die Klause” bridges a landscape from the river Mur to the river Raab. With active Volcanoes in ancient times, hot springs today, it’s always been a cultural meeting point. The past 30 years it has been developing a new identity based on agriculture, excellent craft, tourism, and arts.


Vojnić, Petrova Gora

Petrova Gora is a mountain range in Karlovac County. It represents a unique forest ecosystem whose main feature is great stability and durability. This mountain massif is an exceptional habitat for a large number of plant and animal species. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful and best-preserved mountain wooded landscapes in Croatia.

Open call 15. May – 15. June 2023
Online lectures 30. 5. 2023 – June 2024
Study visits 13.–15. October 2023 15.–17. September 2023 27.– 29. October 2023
Art residencies August 2024 September 2024 October 2024
Final events – The Green European Opera August 2024 September 2024 October 2024



Atanasovski is a composer, musician, producer and art manager from  Maribor.

“Musicville inspires and challenges me. In my work I’m always  interested in researching, inventing and creating something new,  relevant and extraordinary.


Renar is a musician and architect
from Zagreb.

“I see Musicville as an excellent platform for research and new artistic  practices. My advice for participants is to be open-minded and free- spirited, to listen and create.”


is a culture developer, artistic director, culture manager, speaker and coach from Graz.

“Art touches people, inspires them and encourages them to address new directions. Musicville enables young artists to explore and express their own approach to it.”



Glasbarium Institute – project coordinator
Vasko Atanasovski, managing director, project manager
Katjuša Štingl, PR officer

Lab852, Croatia – beneficiary
Karmen Krasić Kožul – director / project manager / curator
Marija Kamber – coordinator / curator
Gabrijela Mamić – project assistant

Artikel-VII-Kulturverein für Steiermark – Pavelhaus
Kulturno društvo Clen 7 za avstrijsko Štajersko – Pavlova hiša, Austria – beneficiary
Susanne Weitlaner, president
Karola Sakotnik, project manager
Paula Marschalek, communication manager


For interview requests or if you have any questions, please contact the respective press contacts below.

Press Contact Slovenia
Katjuša Štingl, PR officer

Press Contact Croatia
Gabrijela Mamić, PR officer

Press Contact Austria
Paula Marschalek, communications manager


Six renowed online lectures open to the general public.

Lectures from spheres closely related to the idea of Musicville:

  • → Sound and Environment
  • → Community and Audience
  • → Rethinking Opera

27.11.2023, 18:00 | 5th MUSICVILLE LECTURE

Roberta Fišere
Topic: TREE OPERA with

The lecture will introduce the process behind the venue design and scenography for the Tree Opera, which took place in Mustarinda, Finland in 2019. Tree Opera is a collaborative event between musicians, artists and architects, which encourages reflection on the relationship between humans and the forest. The venue was located in the north of Finland, an area known for some of the oldest natural forests in Europe. The main consideration was to design a forest amphitheatre without damaging the natural habitat.WEBSITE: