From 15. – 17.09. 2023 the EU project Musicville started with the first study visits in the
Southeast Styria in Austria. 15 international artists, three artistic mentors and part of the team
met for the kick-off in the Styrian Vulkanland. Susanne Weitlaner, representative of the
bilingual Article VII Cultural Association and project partner on the Austrian side, welcomed
the project partners Glasbarium from Slovenia and LAB852 from Croatia as well as the
participating artists. The goal for the first study visit was to explore the region between the
health estate Die Klause and the Article VII Cultural Association with its Pavelhaus-Pavlova
Already the manor inspired to take a lasting look at the environment and the genre of opera.
This was reinforced as the owners, two neurologists, told of their vision to restore health
through nature, medicine and art. The Klause played an important role for the study visit as a
place of accommodation, a space for meeting and exchange, and allowed the artists to pour
the various impressions of the excursions on Saturday directly into their own forms of

The exhibition bridges and breaches / brücken und brüche / mostovi in prelomi | Identity – the
inner border II. curated by the artistic director of the Pavelhaus, David Kranzelbinder, was
fascinating. During the guided tour, the historian and philosopher gave insights into little-told
historical facts and the bilingualism of the region. After the visit to the Pavelhaus, the tour
continued to the Winkler-Hermaden winery, where the microbiologist and viticulturist
Christof Winkler-Hermaden not only spoke about the results of his studies and work and let
the participants taste wine, but also went into more detail about humus formation and the
necessary measures. The day ended with a talk with Josef Zotter, the visionary chocolatier and
circular economist. He talked about sticking to it and, if there is a vision, that it then requires
patience and confidence, even if one has to correct one’s own course again and again.
Sunday was dedicated entirely to artistic work. With their own ideas and the experience in
mind, the artists exchanged ideas: theater scenes, music pieces, word art, sketches and sensory
puzzles were presented. A successful start, which gave courage for more and allowed a feeling
of anticipation to grow in everyone, for what is to come in 2024. Now we will work for one
year, two more study visits in Slovenia and Croatia will follow as well as meetings and online
lectures. In the fall of 2024, the creative research will be performed in all three partner
countries (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia), inviting everyone to join in the journey.

15 international artists: Aaron Kopp, Camilo Latorre, Gregor Piskernik, Francesca
Aldegani, Julia Bugram, Bharath Ranganathan, Staša Prah, Sara Korošec, Alja Petric, Ana
Pečar, Josipa Slaviček, Rajnard Hraščanec, Anja Makdić Japundžić, Manuela Pauk, Marta
3 international mentors: Vasko Atanasovski / SLO, Sara Renar / CRO and Karola Sakotnik /

Photos by Gabrijela Mamić