Croatian Study Visit, 27. – 29.10. 2023

Vojnić, Petrova Gora The first day of the Croatian study visit started with the artists, mentors and organizers meeting at the quaint Ekodrom Estate, where the host Marko Rukavina made everyone feel welcome with home-made snacks and refreshments. The introductory presentation of the work and methodology of LAB852 was hosted by Marija Kamber, project coordinator […]

Slovene Study Visit, 13. – 15.10. 2023

Art illuminates difficult stories with different energy In the last two months, study visits have taken place involving fifteen young artists who, through the European project Musicville, connect Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria. Here in Slovenia, they explored the Museum of Madness at Cmurek Castle in Trate, one of the five oldest preserved castles in the […]